Friday, September 3, 2010

Ma nouvelle collection de carnets.....My new notebooks collection

Série Le Timbre Voyageur

Chaque carnet de cette série est doublé à l'intérieur de papier marbré et comprend un signet

Each notebook of this series is lined with marbled paper and has a bookmark

Série Samarcande


Série Keep it Cool

L'image vient d'un paquet de dattes acheté au Maroc.
Je l'utilise depuis le début, c'est mon image fétiche.

The image comes from a package of dates bought in Morocco.
I've been using it since the beginning as it is my fetish and favorite image.

détail de la fenêtre

detail of the window

Série Lointain


Série Plein Air

Série Notes


Série Écritures

Les carnets (14,5 cm x 20 cm) sont entièrement faits main et contiennent 34 feuillets en papier vergé blanc d'une très belle qualité, lisse et doux au contact pour le plaisir de l'écriture.

Les carnets de la série Le Timbre Voyageur sont doublés à l'intérieur de papier marbré classique .

Les carnets des autres séries comprennent une page de garde en papier
couleur et à effet de relief.

The notebooks (5.35 in x 7.38 in) are entirely made by hand and contain 34 leaflets in white vergé paper, of very high quality, smooth and soft for a great writing experience.

The notebooks of series Le Timbre Voyageur are lined with classical marbled paper.

The notebooks of the other series feature a colored flyleaf with relief effect.

photos : moi


  1. EXCELLENT! All are beautiful- you have created desire in me to own every one of them! Very nice indeed, Dear Lala.

  2. Good luck to you! Very nice collection indeed! I love making things out of paper. From the looks of it your blog will an inspiration for me. Nowadays, I am more of fiber fan, thus knitting a lot.

  3. Bonne chance, je suis chanceuse d'avoir en ma possession un de ces jolis carnets. Et pourquoi ne mets tu pas en vente tes petits livres sur ton blog ( comme je le fais pour les antiquites)

  4. You are so creative, Lala. These are very good, and my own personal favorite series is Le Timbre Voyageur (love those reproduction postage stamps on the cover and the way you have framed them). Next I like the Ecritures...they are so very simply but elegant and the muted colors in the capital letter are wonderful (the second photo of those with the leaf and shadow is pure poetry!) I wish you well on your sales round in Paris.

  5. I love the way you've presented them here, Lala. One just wants to reach out and pick one up. Beautiful and you.
    Bonne Chance,
    Catherine xo

  6. Lala, these are simply lovely and very professional. Your love for le papier is quite evident in this artful expression!

  7. Since I have visited your blog and think it is lovely, really informed and interesting, so I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

    Please visit to find out all about it.

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